Professional Diamond Core Drill Bits For Concrete

Professional Diamond Core Drill Bits For Concrete
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Product Details

Basic Info.

Type:Core Drill Bit



Usage:Stone Cutting, Drilling, Engineering Material

Manufacturing Arts:Welding

Kind:Diamond Drill

Specification:14mm to 500mm

Saw Blade External Diameter:16mm to 500mm

Application:Reinforced Concrete

Length of Barrel:400mm, 450mm, 500mm

Export Markets:North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Oceania, Mid East, Western Europe

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM and ODM

Packing:Wood Carton & Paper Carton

Origin:Shaanxi, China

Production Capacity:4000PCS/Month

Product Description

Real Factory == √ Strictly Quality Control == √ Good Price == √ High quality

Our company specialized in producing laser welded diamond core drill bits, which are mainly used for wet cutting reinforced concrete, concrete, masonry walls. Laser welding not only gives the bit the ability to cut through reinforced concrete, but it also prevents segment loss. Crown segments are used on bits less than 2" diameter. Bits 2" diameter and above are segmented and laser welded.

Features: Fast cutting, long life
Thread:  1 1/4-7 UNC female thread
Welded:  Leaser welding
Type: Wet Drilling
Segment type:  flat segments, roof segments, turbo segments
Other length and thread can be produced as required.

Item No.Diameter
Segment Diamension
Width*height mm
Valid Length
CBC16162.5 *10400/450
CBC18182.5 *10400/450
CBC20202.5 *10400/450
CBC22222.5 *10400/450
CBC24242.5 *10400/450
CBC25252.5 *10400/450
CBC26262.5 *10400/450
CBC28282.5 *10400/450
CBC30302.5 *10400/450
CBC32323.0 *10400/450
CBC35353.0 *10400/450
CBC38383.0 *10400/450
CBC40403.0 *10400/450
CBC42423.0 *10400/450
CBC45453.0 *10400/450
CBC51513.5 *10400/450
CBC56563.5 *10400/450
CBC63633.5 *10400/450
CBC66663.5 *10400/450
CBC71713.5 *10400/450
CBC76763.5 *10400/450
CBC83833.5 *10400/450
CBC89893.5 *10400/450
CBC1021023.5 *10400/450
CBC1081083.5 *10400/450
CBC1121123.5 *10400/450
CBC1201203.5 *10400/450
CBC1221223.5 *10400/450
CBC1271273.5 *10400/450
CBC1321323.5 *10400/450
CBC1401404.0 *10400/450
CBC1521524.0 *10400/450
CBC1621624.0 *10400/450
CBC1781784.0 *10400/450
CBC1821824.0 *10400/450
CBC2002004.0 *10400/450
CBC2282284.5 *10400/450
CBC2542544.5 *10400/450
CBC3003005.0 *10400/450
CBC3563565.0 *10400/450
CBC4004005.0 *10400/450
CBC5005005.5 *10400/450