ZDY12000LD-Directional Mining Drill Rig

ZDY12000LD-Directional Mining Drill Rig
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ZDY12000LD-Directional Mining Drill Rig


This directional mining drill rig ZDY12000LD is specifically designed to drill especially long directional drilling boreholes in explosive underground environments. It has a compact footprint mounted on tracks, and is integrated with certified flameproof electrics and flameproof laptop. The rigs is widely used in borehole drilling for degasification, underground water detect & discharge, geological structure and coal seam thickness detect, coal seam water injection , grouting and other boreholes where high drilling accuracy is required.


1, Consist of two parts, drill crawler and pump crawler. Each part can “walk” independently;

2, Capable to drill in-seam borehole in excess of 1500m.and is suitable to downhole motor directional drilling, rotary drilling and combined directional drilling technique;

3, Drill crawler is composed by control panel, drill unit, power pack, frameproof laptop, drill mud flowmeter, stingers, tracked tram and so on. Each part is stably connected by bolts and hydraulic hoses. 

Tracked tram has features of high crawler capacity, flexible maneuverability and excellent underground roadway/drill site applicability;


4, Rotary unit:

  Hydraulic controlled double motor drive with pressure cut-off function;

  Big gear ratio planetary wheel deceleration allows output torque and rotational speed to be adjustable infinitely in a wide range

  With 135mm diameter central hole in main shaft, the drill is adaptable to work with rod diameter up to 127mm (common drill rods include φ73mm、φ89mm、φ102mm and φ127mm);

  Braking torque reaches to 2000Nm;

5, The mud pump crawler is a hydraulic pump crawler with large flow rate (the max flow rate is 390l/min) and high mud pressure (rated pressure is 12Mpa). The rig can maintain enough flow rate under high pressure work situation. It can supply enough hydraulic fluid power for downhole motor operation and drill cut remove to meet the requirement of long depth directional borehole drilling;

  Pump crawler can “walk” indecently, which can significantly reduce the auxiliary time and have strong applicability.


33.pngTechnical Data

Rotary UnitRated torque12000~3000 Nm
Rated speed50~150 r/min
Brake torque2000 Nm
Central hole diameter of main shaft135 mm
Applicative drill rodΦ73mm/Φ89mm/Φ102mm/Φ127 mm
Feed SystemFeed-frame tilt angle-10°~20°
Max push/pull force250 kN
Feed/pull stroke1200 mm
Pump CrawlerRated flow rate390 L/Min
Rated flow pressure12 MPa

    Power      stationDrill crawlerRated power132 kW
Oil tank volume500 L
Rate pressure of pump Ⅰ28 MPa
Rate pressure of pump Ⅱ26 MPa
Rate pressure of pump Ⅲ21 MPa
Pump crawlerRated power110 kW
Oil tank volume380 L
Rated hydraulic pressure28 MPa
DimensionDrill crawlerWeight9000 kg
Pump crawlerWeight5500

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