truck mounted core drilling rig

truck mounted core drilling rig
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HXY-800QT Truck Mounted Drilling Machine is used for geological core drilling, no core drilling, leachable sandstone drilling, which  can also be used in the field of water well drilling and large hole engineering drilling. The traitor drilling can work across the ungraded roads and the wild deserts where the environmental temperature from -25℃ to 42℃.


-High degree of standardization, adaptable--large drill torque (M=793kg·fM), drilling rate distribution (n=40-979r/min) and large diameter vertical shaft (Φ91mm).

-The drilling rig, tower and mud pump are all equipped on the trailer which  is easy to to carry,move and transportation assembly and disassembly. 

-The truck mounted core drilling rig  has compact strcuture which is available to work steadily and consistently with the excellent performance. And it is resistant to water, corrosion and dust, extending its service life.

-With the scientific and ergonomic design, it is convenient to use with the simple operation, and it is safe, which is harmless to the nature and the human body.

-The truck mounted core drilling rig is practical which palys an important role in the construction owing to its simple operation with high working efficiency, endurance with easy maintenance as well as the low energy consumption.

33.pngTechnical Data

Final   holediameter(mm)Φ90Φ110Φ300
Drilling depth(m)800600300
The WindlassPull Force(KN)40
Rope diameter(mm)18.5
Rope capacity(m)80
Mobile rack   gear oil dylinder stroke(mm)500
Spindle speedForward high speed979;635;227;134
Forward low speed289;188;118;67;40
Reverse high speed127
Reverse low speed38
Vertical shaft stroke(mm)600
Vertical   shaft bore diameter(mm)Φ91
Max vertival   feed pressure(KN)93.3
Max vertical   lift capacity(KN)138.5
Electricity generator
Drill towerHeight(m)12.5
Hook load(t)12
TrailerWheel tread(mm)Leaf spring, balanced suspension
Suspension typeFour-wheeled automatically air-cut   brake
Brake type1320
Height of bearing surface(mm)6
Overall weight(t)14.5
Total power(KW)77