HXY-2000 Deep Core and Hydrographic Well Drilling Rig

HXY-2000 Deep Core and Hydrographic Well Drilling Rig
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HXY-2000 Deep Core and Hydrographic Well Drilling Rig


HXY-2000 rock core drilling rig is mainly used for deep core drilling of Diamond and hard alloy, with strong torque of 10,000 Nm and max depth 2,500 meters. It can also be used for the projects of geological investigation,piling construction, natural gas and Hydrographic well exploration, etc.


1. The vertical shaft has many rotating levels, their distribution is reasonable, and the torque is great at low speed; speed of the vertical shaft is fast, the rotating scope is wide;

2.The drilling machine is light, compact structure, The entire structure is simple, with reasonable layout. All the components are visible, don’t overlap with each other, so they are convenient to maintain and repair.

3.The drilling machine has a combined frame configuration, easy to dismantle, so it can meet the construction demand in foothill.

4.The windlass breaks away from traditional three groups of planet gear structure, and adopts four groups of gear structure;

5.The drilling machine adopts new water braking device, and is a kind of mechanical device to adjust the descending speed of the drilling device when the drilling device descends in drilling process of the drilling machine.

6.The drilling machine lever type hydraulic pressure chuck, with great grasping power and strong radial compensating capacity, and the service life of the tile is long.

7.The engine can choose electromotor or diesel engine according to demand.

8.The drilling machine is matched with corresponding apparatus, which is favorable to master the condition. It has few operating handlers, and the layout is reasonable, so the operation is flexible and convenient.

9.The manipulating handles are converged, with reasonable layout,so the operation is flexible and reliable.

10.The frame of the drilling machine has great rigidity, the center of gravity is low, so the stability at high drilling speed is strong.


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  1. Rock core drill in


  2. Hydrographic well drill in 


  3. Feeding in of basic stake


  4. Technical specifications:

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