GL-4000B Full Hydraulic Crawler Jet Grouting Anchor DTH Drilling Rig

GL-4000B Full Hydraulic Crawler Jet Grouting Anchor DTH Drilling Rig
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GL-4000B Full Hydraulic Crawler Jet Grouting Anchor DTH Drilling Rig


GL-4000B crawler-type full-hydraulic drilling rig is a kind of multifunctional drilling rig designed and manufactured for jet grouting operation and anchor rod hole drilling. This downhole drilling can be used for the foundation consolidation of railway, highway, abutment, and dam foundation; tunnel pipe-shed support, slope protection, anchor rod hole drilling, leaking stoppage, soft foundation treatment, geological disaster government, and jet grouting. The upright is slidable and meets the construction requirement of anchor rod. Drilling with casing tube could be completed by equipped with down hole hammer and overburden drilling system.


1. Luffing mechanism of pitch makes the homework range wide;

2. With display unit for verticality of derrick, rotating of top-drive head and lift speed, quickly and accurately to fix position;

3. With track chassis and rotary device, easy and speedy to move;

4. The major components in hydraulic system adopt the imported brand with a stable, reliable system, and they all have a long service life;

5. Top-drive head driven by hydraulic, stepless speed regulation, high efficient.

6. Equipped with clamping device.

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GL-4000C Pakistan PROJECT with dth hammer and pipe.JPG  GL-4000C reservoir project with DTH hammer and pipe.JPG


GL-4000C型工程钻机江苏锚索施工.JPG  GL-4000C型工程钻机重庆跟管钻进施工.JPG


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