Crawler DTH Drilling Rig

Crawler DTH Drilling Rig
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1. Luffing mechanism of pitch makes the  wide homework range which can operate with high working efficiency.

2. The crawler DTH drilling rig is capable of perform well with the accurate position owing to the  display unit for verticality of derrick, rotating of top-drive head and lift speed.

3. Designed with the  track chassis and rotary device, the equipment is available to move easily with fast speed.The suitable width of crawler belt makes it can go through easily on soft and muddy road. 

4. Adopting  the imported components, the machine has premium quality as well as endurable service life. 

5. With various patent technologies, the machine is fashionable and advanced which is available to perform with high output. And it is cost effective with the low energy consumption, stable operation as well as outstanding performance.

6. The crawler DTH drilling rig has refined craftsmanship that it is smooth and elegant which is produced with strict standards to make sure its superior quality and durable life span.

22.pngTechnical Data

Max torque4000N.m
Rotation speed of top-drive head

high:0-64r/min low:0-32r/min 

with   high speed motor speed high:0-376r/min, low:0-165r/min

Stroke of top-drive head3000mm
Drilling depth100m
Rated pull force of top-drive head50KN
Rated thrust force of top-drive head20KN
Rod dia.42mm,50mm,73mm,8933
Fast lifting and thrust speed of   top-drive head(jetting)0.06-0.9/1.8m/min
Lifting and dropping speed of top-drive   head0-16/0-28m/min
Power unit30kw
Overall dimensionworking:3440*2401*5270 transportation:5210*2401*2220

Main pump pressure20MPa
Auxiliary pump pressure20MPa
Column slipping stroke1000mm
Climbing capacity20 degree
Moving speed1.5km/h